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Oftentimes students who dream to enter a particular educationinstitution start thinking about the admission process as earlyas possible. That is a perfect decision because they are supposedto complete several important stages of the application procedurewhich are:

  • GPA (grade point average)
  • Passing ACT or SAT or other respected standardized tests
  • Writing an entrance essay

These are decisive factors for the successful admission so theearlier you start the better. For plenty of students, a collegeessay is the biggest challenge ever. They simply have no idea howto create a good paper. Many of them refer to the essay samplesand copy them thinking that have completed the task. However,relying on ready-made essays is not quite the ticket to theuniversity you dream about.

Patience and persistence are the tricks in writing an entranceessay on your own. Follow these tips to organize your writingprocess efficiently:

Tip 1. Understand what they expect from you.

Learning the psychology of the admission body is the half way tosuccess as this awareness helps you shape your essay according tothe characteristics you are expected to possess as a potentialstudent. They want their future students to do the following:

  • be successful once they are admitted
  • contribute to the development of other students
  • participate in the college life
  • bring prestige to the college they graduate
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So when writing your admission paper, make sure to meet theseexpectancies. Showcase yourself as a student who will workextremely hard, be positive to the surrounding people, indicateyour long-term goals like awards, scientific activity or startingyour business.

Tip 2. Think of your college paper goals Describe your bestpoints and experiences as a student. Compose your statements inrelation to your school work pointing out some advanced classesyou’ve had or other aspects that reflect your ability to achievegood results. For instance, mention some relevant job you had,your leadership and teamwork skills or duties in the communityyou worked for.

Tip 3. Show something that makes you stand out. In your essay,you should distinguish yourself from the others. The readers mustget an idea that you are a complete personality with an array ofmerits and talents. Write, for example, that you are not only agood piano player but have finished a musical school or have hadan extensive experience participating in some music events.Highlight all achievements you have gained so far, fromexcellence in tennis to mastering two or more foreign languages.If you are a successful volunteer, include your work records,too.

Tip 4. Be specific about your contribution goals. Show to thereaders of your essays that your experience as an internationalor exchange student will be useful for them. Air your intentionsas for joining some athletic society. Tell about your practicesas a blogger, traveller, community worker – everything whateveryou feel will be beneficial for the college you want to study at.

At this point, your essay draft is full of many ideas and can fityour entrance paper. It is time to narrow down the list of thingsthat make you unique. Narrowly focused papers are much moreefficient than vague ones. Choose 1-4 ideas that describe you andyour objectives best and develop them in the most creative way.That is what can really make your essay attractive.


University essays counsellors, as well as admission boards,strongly advise starting writing a college essay as early aspossible. Thus, you’ve got heaps of time for experimenting,rewriting and editing your paper. Below, there are strategies tomake your writing process effective from the start:

Think of what really matters to you and at the same time followthe college essay prompts. Try to find something in commonbetween your interests and the things your admission officerwants to you to be. Be descriptive enough to show how you see thesurrounding world.

Be specific and illustrative when talking about your experiences.If you are going to emphasize every other event, your essay willlook like a resume. It is not the format they expect.

Edit ruthlessly. It is important to remain objective whileediting and proofreading. Use a specially designed checklist tobrush everything up. You may ask yourself if your essay partsflow together, or if you have avoided vague statements, or ifyour essay meets the college prompts. Be honest and don’t flatteryourself at least until you edit the paper more than a few times.If you find out that the essay is far from ideal, it is better tostart it over. Keep up crafting the essay and you’ll be awarded!

Visiting your future place of studies is a stroke of genius. Seeeverything with your own eyes, talk to the students, and learnmore about after-college activities, in other words, pick all theinformation that will help focus on the admission requirements.Open up your mind and get tuned to 100% efficient college paper.


Some college applicants fill in their college papers with lots ofepithets describing their personality and skills. First, as itwas said above, do not bulk all your features and ideas, but pickthe ones that best address to the college prompt. Second, despitepinking things, tell how the experience you’ve got affected you,thus making the admission officers perceive you as a person ableto such important things as self-reflection, self-perfection anddeep insight into the situation. The ability to interpret theevents and make conclusions is widely appreciated among yourpotential educators.

Avoid high and entertaining words and talk about your feelingsand motivations. Represent the experiences writing like this“Working as a counsellor in training taught me how to double downmy communicative skills and manage my time....”, “Closeinvolvement in the student government election helped me todevelop my oratorical skills, be more responsible for my wordsand design winning strategies”.

Since your main goal is to give the admission board a sense ofwhat you are really like, you have to be open to your readers.Honesty about your experiences does not mean revealing alldetails of the situation or being entirely positive towards theresults. Instead, you’d better acknowledge some difficulties thatyou have faced and conclusions that you have drawn afterwards.


Craft your college essay as eloquently as you can. That will be agood reason for the college to think that you are strong enoughto deal with tough academic assignments. The primary criteria fora powerful admission paper are:

  • Concisely worded statements
  • Ability to specify the content
  • Avoidance of generalizations and clichés
  • Accuracy that corresponds to the level required for your age
  • Zero typos or lapses
  • No complex stylistic devices and colloquialisms (anaphorachiasmus, oxymoron are Ok)
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Everyone who has a perfect command of English is welcome to theuniversity classrooms. Your essay will be among the winners ifthe admission committee notices that the writer has goodcollege-level writing skills.

Learn what is fine in your essay:

  • Contractions
  • First-person narration
  • Simple language
  • Some unvarnished truth about your bad experience
  • ACT or SAT vocabulary
  • Complex sentences

Please note that college admission officers are quite realisticabout the diversity issues. So they do not expect sophisticatedwriting from the school leavers who look toward the mathematicalspeciality. Thus, be yourself and frank telling about your lifeand school experience and don’t punch above your weight talkingabout your future plans.


Whether you are well on the way to a perfect college essay or arejust about to start writing, you will need some externalassistance. Some essays may require some error corrections whileothers have to be improved through a broader lens.

Either way, don’t let the troubles distress you! Fortunately, youare reading this guide and once you finish it, you will findplenty of useful links below. More info on personal statementwriting, more formatting tips and successful application tips areon our website. But the biggest discovery for you will beprofessional essay help which we kindly offer to every customer.

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