AIDS 23.08.2019
 HIVAIDS Dissertation

HIV/AIDS in Haiti

HIV/AIDS is dispersing rapidly through Haiti, they have the highest circumstances, and as a result of poverty they are going to continue to be within the large scale. This can be one of the Global Social concerns brought up in Poto Mitan. According to the dictionary. com SUPPORTS is defined as " a disease of the immune system seen as a increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections, because pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and, to selected cancers, because Kaposi's sarcoma, and to neurological disorders: caused by a retrovirus and transmitted chiefly through bloodstream or blood products that enter the system's bloodstream, specifically by intimate contact or perhaps contaminated hypodermic needles. ” They determine HIV while ”human immunodeficiency virus; the main cause of AIDS. Two strains have already been identified: HIV-1 and HIV-2. ” People living in poverty suffer from these types of killer disorders. This interpersonal problem correlates with violence, poverty, and inequality. They are not able to obtain proper care because they can not afford it. They cannot afford medical care because it is difficult getting a task. Haitian folks are living in poverty. This prohibits them coming from getting a college degree about sexual and how to prevent these terrible diseases. It brings upon violence ladies are getting victims of rape, along with that they are offered AIDS/HIV. Haitians living in lower income have a hard time finding a job. This is an enormous barrier as to why they are struggling with these illnesses. They are living an unhealthy your life because they are not fortunate to obtain health services. Paying for a little bag of rice is even hard for haitian people. Thus imagine the value of healthcare. With a poor economy they may be unable to prevent the endemic of HIV/AIDs. This is a worldwide problem mainly because HIV/AIDS is definitely putting a reduction in the inhabitants and haitian culture. HIV/AIDS is becoming one of the best global health issues. Sadly haiti is one of the ten poorest countries. This impacts them enormously when it comes to medication and treatment for HIV....

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