Metropolitan Outfitters Continuing Case Study: Advertising a Business

 Urban Outfitters Continuing Example: Marketing an enterprise Research Paper

Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study: Marketing an enterprise Michele T. Pridgen

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May dua puluh enam, 2011

Describe why Pep boys or Walmart cannot successfully create a trendy counterculture picture A trendy, counterculture image can be one that would be described as a hip, young and unique style. The key elements of this particular style happen to be creating a great uncommon, new or distinctive appearance. Exclusivity can only become attained in the event that products offered are little in volume, creating a bigger demand. Retailers such as Target and Walmart have an advertising strategy to sell high quantity at affordable prices. Big box stores cater to the masses. When you visit these malls, there are lots of the same item available. Additionally , the same brand of items are located in most shops across the country. Their target markets are to an older, more loyal consumer bottom that are attracted to bargains, to never the young and hip trying to create a fashion statement. In buying in volume, Target and Walmart can sell usana products for less. Providing high volumes is how these retailers create success. The Sears and Walmart brand names are synonymous with value, and certainly do not evoke pictures of trendy fashion. Both Sears and Walmart have got completely opposite marketing strategies and target markets compared to Urban Outfitters and could never achieve, nor afford to make a trendy, counterculture image.

Could the big box stores sell merchandise identical to Downtown Outfitters? Target and Walmart could under no circumstances sell items identical to Urban Outfitters. The promoting style of home supply stores shopping for high amounts and selling at affordable prices is completely contrary the advertising style of City Outfitters. City Outfitter markets to a niche market in focus on locations. They may have few volumes available of any given product, lending itself to exclusivity. Department stores include huge division channels numerous outlets throughout the country. Whether or not...

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