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Com 200 08.08.2019
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Ashford 3: -- Week a couple of - Task

Writing Exercise 1 – Motivation

Last week, you read about contexts that stimulate learning, through the experiences of Sara, Frank, Fred, and Jaime. Consider these students' experience as you total this week's written task. Write a paragraph, explaining what motivates one to learn (using the experiences of Sara, Philip, Fred, and Jaime since examples). After that, write a second paragraph that focuses on the specific context that you believe motivates your learning (i. e., Practical, Personal, Experiential, or Idealistic). � This project must be drafted in Times New Roman 12-pt. font and double spread out, and posted as a Microsoft company Word doc, � using the Assignment Submission button (found within this week's Assignment item in the kept navigation panel). Do not insert the assignment into the Message board.

This kind of assignment will probably be evaluated around the following criteria: * Subject: Did the response talk about the topic defined in the assignment instructions? * Paragraph structure: Was the response written in cohesive, reasonable paragraphs? * Support: Performed each section offer enough support due to its topic sentence in your essay? * Format: Was the response submitted in MS. Term, in Times Fresh Roman 12-pt. font, and double-spaced? Carefully review the Grading Rubric for conditions that will be used to evaluate the assignment.

In Ashford classes, there are two different ways to submit assignments for grading. Depending on system the course utilizes, assignments will certainly either become submitted with the classroom Job Basket  or Waypoint�. | | | Waypoint Project Submission

The tasks in this training course will be posted to Waypoint. � Please refer to the instructions beneath to submit your assignment. 1 . Click on the Project Submission button above. The Waypoint " Student Dashboard" will appear. 2 . Browse for the assignment. a few. Click Upload. 4. Confirm that your assignment was...

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