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Talha Rubbish bin Ameer

19/I, Khy-e-Ameer Khusro, Phase MIRE, D. They would. A., 75500

Mobile: 0302-8280824

Email: [email protected] com


Over the past 10 years, I have been employed in Marketing & Sales supervision where I developed a great in-depth knowledge of all businesses in sales & marketing process. Excellent proven capacity to build start up business relationships and new territories, and experience in expanding business opportunities within just existing consumer bases. Job History

February 2000 – Sep 2k – Promoting Assitant – Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt. ) Ltd. Tasks:

Trade Sales Monitoring, Revenue orders Launches, Inventory Administration at Distributor's front, Sales pitches and Conditional Reports developing.

Sep 2000 – Sep 2002 – Promoting Information Official – Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt. ) Ltd. Responsibilities:

Revenue Reporting of Field Force by Bricks / Area, Institutional Tender Quotation, Trade Sales Monitoring, Distribution Requirement Execution, Product sales orders Launches, Inventory Administration at Distributor's Leval, Delivering presentations and Deductive Reports designing.

Sep 2002 – November 2003 – Asst. Supervisor Marketing Solutions – Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt. ) Ltd. Responsibilities:

Merchandise Campaign Setup, Sales Finances / Focus on Assessment and allocation, Advertisements & Campaign Items Agreement, Purchase Order to Vendors, Institutional Sales level negotiations, Campaign Designing for new products, Cool product launch Campaign Execution, Promotional Material allocation towards the Field Power, Preferred Retailers hiring, Inventory / inventory placement, Credit Notes produces, Sales & Stock Revealing by Marketers / Preferred Dealers, Products on hand Management of Promotional Things, Field Force Dispatch Share, Regulatory Affairs Management, Physical Audit at Distributors, Engagement in Sensitive Quotation organization through Institutional Sales, Financial year Marketing budget allocation and reconciliation, Logistic Management.

Nov the year 2003 – Sep 2004 – Marketing Providers Manager – Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt. ) Ltd. Duties:

Institutional Sales across Pakistan, Advertising Campaign Planning all the Business Units, Advertising Budget Preparing, Distributor & Preferred Traders appointment, Distributors Registration & performance appraisal, Warehouse Supervision, Field Push Sales Evaluation against given Budget, Field Visits pertaining to Street Sales and Consumers requirement, Ex-Factory Sales to Distributors as well as Claim & Expiry Management, Field Power Incentive System and Incentive allocation, Vehicles and Expense Policy design and getting back together.

Credits & Achievements:

System Analysis for Ex-Factory & Ex-Distributors Sales, Software Design intended for Ex-Factory Sales – ODI Sys,

Application Design for Expenditure & Plans – E& I Director, Application design for Distributor's Claim Supervision – Special Reduction Selection,

Sep 2004 – Jun 2005 – Advertising & Product sales Manager – Saviours Organization Unit – Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt. ) Ltd. Tasks:

Managing the entire product line your life cycle by strategic going to tactical actions, Specifying marketplace requirements for current and future items by executing market research supported by on-going trips to customers and noncustomers, Driving a simple solution set across development teams (primarily Development/Engineering, and Promoting Communications) through market requirements, product deal, and placing, Developing and implementing a company-wide go-to-market plan, working together with all departments to perform, Analyzing potential partner associations for the item, Distributors and remote place preferred retailers recruitment to improve market share, considerable scientific merchandise detailing to customers. Credit & Accomplishments:

Prosperous start of Cephalosporins (Ceftazidime, Ceftriaxone, Cefixime, & Cefotaxime). eight million record sales inside eight a few months time.

Jul 2005 – Jun 06\ – Advertising & Revenue...

References: available on request

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