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E-Business Paper 07.08.2019
 E-Business Paper

E-Business Conventional paper

John Jones


Joyce Williams

December 3, 2012

Barnes & Noble features functioned very well as a brick and mortar store since its inception. The company has developed over time by adopting new products and keeping up with ecommerce as it is develop. The corporation has been capable to keep up with changes in the economy as a result of development of the world wide web and web commerce. We will examine how e-commerce features affected how a world about has changed.

Ecommerce has used affect on how supply and demand features in market segments. Price is a bigger point by using an online purchase than it is in brick and mortar stores. It is much simpler for customers to look for a product as well as the cost of them doing all their research is significantly decreased. A client is able to find all or a lot of the products that are available and are easily able to evaluate them side-by-side. Many retailers do not have company recognition. The main reason for this is the somewhat large turn around in the internet business along with modern existence of e-commerce. Online stores is probably not able to are present in markets that have high demand products where the consumers want the product right now. For this reason, there are not many online markets pertaining to perishable goods. This is due to the postpone because of shipping needs to occur and the very high cost immediate shipping. There is a cheaper for e-commerce because you may have less over head and you need not go through a middle man towards your product. A large number of internet retailers will sell to customers that reside nowhere around their physical location. This allows a company in order to into a whole new audience that they would not have already been able to develop with just one physical retail store.

A deterrent for using a web based store is a time it takes to get a product after it is ordered. Most physical items which can be delivered through an web store are also offered by a physical store. Customers will consider the opportunity expense of...

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