Merely Were Innovator of the Free of charge World..

 If I Had been Leader with the Free Community.. Essay

If I Were Leader of the Free World

The First Issue I Would Treat Would Be…. By Walker Brown

When we purchase a telephone, an ipod touch, a television and even a we do not stop to think about how fortuitous we are to have the item. American society today has been ruined with souple and technology. We live in houses with heaters that keep us warm in the winter season and personal cars that may take all of us where we need to go. Pupils can show up at school each day to help expand the possibilities of your future. Countries like America and England have worked hard to achieve these types of technological developments. However South america, Turkey and South Africa aren't as fortuitous and are considered underdeveloped countries. They desperately need help with their particular economy and the government, and it is our obligation as individuals to help them. Merely were head of the totally free world the first concern I would talk about would be to help underdeveloped countries in three specific areas: water solutions, food, and their lack of possibilities in education.

First, people in bad countries absence sanitary water resources. Oftentimes we leave water bottles lying around which can be still one-fourth full and end up throwing them apart. However bad countries possess limited water supply. People in these countries could use more drinking water to irrigate plants. Great quantity of plant life means even more oxygen and clean air to breathe. A lot of plants could be used for therapeutic purposes, which usually would be attractive dropping disease levels. In addition to underdeveloped countries have limited water the they do possess is infected. Worldvision. org reports that unsafe water and poor sanitation kill nearly 1 . 5 mil children a year from diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. The water sanitation crisis promises more lives through disease than battles do through guns. While leader in the free community I would need a dime in the sale of just about every bottled water always be donated to the Clean Water Fund to assist provide the...

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