Beauty: Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment

Fame: Fifty-fourth 31.08.2019
 Glory: Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Routine Essay

" We Happened Standing Up"

Glory is known as a movie about the fifty-fourth Massachusetts regiment in the municipal war. This was the 1st all dark-colored regiment the Union ever allowed to fight. Throughout the video one estimate kept demonstrating itself true, " All of us went down standing. " The members with the fifty-fourth demonstrated that they wanted to go down standing up just by getting started with the military. However there have been many conditions that demonstrated this further, while the film continued.

During the regiment's training period a message reached the camp. This meaning was a alert that all blacks found by simply confederates would be put to death, as well as their very own commanding officials. As a result of this warning Colonel Shaw was accepting any soldier's resignations on the next morning. That morning Shaw was not seeking to see a large number of soldiers staying, but to his surprise nearly all of the males were continue to there. With this work the men illustrated great bravery, and a willingness to adopt a indicate their beliefs.

Another example of the quotation occurred in the black regiment's training camp. Soldiers were supposed to be paid thirteen us dollars a month, nevertheless due to the fact that the regiment was black, they were to be paid only 10 dollars. The soldiers declined to accept the pay cut and the bias that came along with it. They simply travelled without shell out. They may include suffered an injustice simply by not getting anything for their companies, but they will want to not have the amount of money if it intended taking the racism that came along with that.

The fifty-fourth Massachusetts routine volunteered to be the first to move into Fort Wagner. The routine would be greatly outnumbered in this battle. Despite the unfortunate odds, the troops seemed privileged to be the first into the fortification. Death was extremely potential for these soldiers, but they desired to be kept in mind as brave men that went down standing. These men voluntarily walked into almost selected death. This proves just how strongly they will believed in...

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