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Study and parameterization of statistical motor security relay for HT motor

A Project Statement submitted for requirements of Vocational Student Program 2012 Tata Steel Ltd.

Job Guide: Mister. Ankur Gandotra Manager( IEM), Coke plant-2 Iron Making Electrical Protection Tata Stainlesss steel Ltd, Jamshedpur

Prepared by: Consumer electronics and Interaction Engineer Professional Trainee 2012 Tata Steel Ltd, Jamshedpur


I hereby declare the fact that work provided in this job entitled " Study and parameterization of numerical motor unit protection relay for HT motor. ” submitted toward completion of job during my on-job training underneath the Vocational Trainee program'12 is an authentic record of my personal original work carried out underneath the guidance of Mr. Ankur Gandotra, Director IEM, Iron Making Electric Maintenance, Tata Steel Ltd, Jamshedpur. I've not published the matter put in this statement for any other project.

Electronics and connection Engineer Business Trainee (Technical)-12 Tata Metallic Ltd, Jamshedpur Date: 25-06-2012


The foregoing project statement entitled " Study and parameterization of numerical motor protection relay for HT motor ” submitted simply by Mr. Sunita Lamay (VT-12) is hereby approved while an authentic examine of his project function during his training by coke plant-2, Tata Stainlesss steel. It is offered in a acceptable manner to warrant it is acceptance being a prerequisite in the completion of his training.

Job Guide: Mister. Ankur Gandotra Manager IEM (coke plant) Iron Making Electrical Maintenance Tata Stainlesss steel, Works, Jamshedpur


Acceptance The job work on numerical motor protection relay device in Softdrink plant, Orde Steel is a great learning experience to me. It presented me an opportunity to apply my theoretical skill sets in an actual world trouble. Being a newbie in the area of metallic making the project wasn't able to have been good without the support and assistance provided to me by various people at different levels of the job. First of all I would really prefer to thank Mr. In. K. Bhalla (Iron making electrical maintenance) for his inspiration and support which energized myself to start working away at the project with maximum enthusiasm together been the driving force to successfully accomplish the designated task. The project cannot have been completed without the auspices and direction provided to me by my personal guide, Mr. Ankur Gandotra (Manager, IEM, Coke plant-2). I would lengthen my heartiest thanks to him for providing me a way to work on the situation and for his cognizant instructions which allowed me to smoothly going through the job. He is the person whom I turned up to, whenever in doubt, and selection sure to deliver me out of your adverse circumstance.

Finally, I would like to give thanks to all the personnel of Softdrink plant II who supplied me the required support during my job.

Sunita lamay Kanchan kumari Tarun Consumer electronics and communication Engineer Professional Trainee (Technical)-12 Tata Metal, Works, Jamshedpur


Desk of material Chapter one particular: Executive Summary 1 . you Introduction 1 . 2 Crucial Project Gifts 1 . a few Outline of Project Statement 1 . 5 Conclusion Phase 2: Engine Protection installment payments on your 1 Definitions of electric motor protection installment payments on your 2 Types of electric motor protection 2 . 3 Motor unit protection stand Chapter a few: Relay several. 1 Standard definition a few. 2 Relay construction and working a few. 3 classification of relay 3. 5 Numeric relay 5 five 5 6 6 7 7 eight 14 15 15 16 16 18

Chapter 5: Parameterization of relay RHO3 4. 1 Area and type of motor unit 4. two Thermal protection menu 4. 3 Over/under current security menu 4. 4 Phase unbalanced protection menu four. 5 Quantity of start protection menu four. 6 Temperatures protection menu 4. several Parameter table Chapter five: Recommendations Section 6: Conclusion References

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