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Hesi Practice 07.08.2019
 Hesi Practice Essay

Practice Examination Intended for HESI quit Part One You will have two hours and 30 minutes to complete Part One. 1 . Which with the following details a preterm neonate? A. A neonate weighing lower than 2, 500 g (5 lb, eight oz). W. A low-birth-weight neonate. C. A neonate born at less than thirty seven weeks' gestation regardless of pounds. D. A neonate clinically determined to have intrauterine development retardation. 2 . A client with type you (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus has just learned she actually is pregnant. The nurse is definitely teaching her about insulin requirements during pregnancy. Which guide should the health professional provide? A. " Insulin requirements may change while pregnant. Continue your overall regimen. " B. " Insulin requirements usually lower during the last two trimesters. " C. " Insulin requirements usually decrease during the initially trimester. " D. " Insulin requirements increase greatly during labor. " several. A client with left-sided center failure gripes of increasing difficulty breathing and is distressed and paying out pink-tinged, foamy sputum. The nurse will need to recognize these as signs of A. right-sided heart failing. B. serious pulmonary edema. C. pneumonia. D. cardiogenic shock. 5. What's the best nursing prognosis for a customer exhibiting obsessive-compulsive behavior? A. Ineffective coping. B. Unbalanced nutrition: Less than body requirements. C. Imbalaneed nutrition: Much more than body requirements. D. Disrupted family techniques. 5. The nurse can be caring for a customer who went through a subtotal gastrectomy. To deal with dumping symptoms, the health professional should guide the client into a. restrict fluid intake to 1 qt (1, 000 mL)/day. B. beverage liquids just with foods. C. no longer drink liquids 2 hours prior to meals. D. drink fluids only among meals. 6th. A client tries care for low back pain of 2 weeks' duration. Which assessment obtaining suggests a herniated intervertebral disk? A. Pain that radiates throughout the posterior upper leg. B. Lower back pain when the knees are flexed. C. Atrophy of the lower leg muscles. G. Positive Homans' sign.

several. A client has approached the nurse asking for advice on how to deal with his alcohol dependency. The doctor should tell the client that the only successful treatment intended for alcoholism is A. psychotherapy. M. total abstinence. C. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). D. aversion therapy. 8. A 23-month-old child is usually brought to the emergency department with supposed croup. Which will assessment getting reflects increasing respiratory problems? A. Intercostal retractions. N. Bradycardia. C. Decreased degree of consciousness. Deb. Flushed skin area. 9. A 20-year-old mother of a premature newborn reviewed during her pregnancy. Her son is actually a client within a neonatal intensive care unit and provides a diagnosis of serious respiratory stress syndrome. Because the mother is usually Roman Catholic, which nursing intervention will be most appropriate pertaining to the registered nurse to discuss with her? A. Baptism from the infant. N. Circumcision with the infant. C. Last rituals for the infant. D. Sacraments of the sick for the mother. 15. A client with shock brought on by hemorrhage provides a temperature of 97. 6В°F (36. 4в„ѓ), a heartrate of a hundred and forty beats/minute, a respiratory rate of 28 breaths/minute, and a blood pressure of 60/30 mmHg. For this client the nurse ought to question which physician purchase? A. " Monitor urine output every hour. " B. " Infuse IV fluids for 83 mL/hr" C. " Administer o2 by nose cannula by 3 L/min" D. " Draw samples for hemoglobin and hematocrit every six hours. " 11. A client is hospitalized with a associated with chronic glomerulonephritis. The client describes that the lady likes salty foods. The nurse will need to warn her to avoid food containing salt because A. reducing sodium helps bring about urea nitrogen excretion. N. reducing salt decreases edema. C. minimizing sodium improves her glomerular filtration level. D. minimizing sodium increases potassium consumption. 12. The nurse is evaluating a customer who is complaining of a suffocating feeling. The patient's respiratory price is dua puluh enam breaths per minute so the...

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