Notification of Suggestions (Brave Fresh World)

 Letter of Advice Brave New World Essay

James Kiefert

Letter of Advice

Dear Savage,

What you do with standing to the program was great! If only other folks did that we wouldn't take the situation that we are currently in at this time. I are standing up to the system over here in Singapore as you read this kind of message. I heard of your rant in the soma and it becoming poison and i also completely agree with you upon that. I possess not ever used soma around me being unconditioned to that for a few mistake inside the conditioning method at the Singapore Laboratory. I really am seventy five when a lot of people die for 60 or 65 at the most.

However a word of advice, don't go around ranting and raving as of yet. We must collect even more proof against the soma and also on how we are conditioned to be slaves. Also on how those who realize that were slaves or perhaps don't perform what they are meant to do (like in your friends case how he doesn't go out with many women) happen to be sent to destinations around the world concerning protect their very own so called " civilization” by destruction. I do see a alliance growing between us. Whenever we partner up against the system we all will either be murdered, or offered so much animador that we will inevitably expire within a a short while as so what happened to your mom.

Running away was definitely a good decision in the part. Due to the fact if you don't we would under no circumstances of acquired the chance on this partnership getting started. Therefore I am on my way to get you so we can get details together and so you will have a place to stay with supplied food (non-hormone food that is). And it was the stupid decision because you ran apart and don't have been in full solitude and isolation. Consequently people know your location around the world. Therefore how I find out where to give this notification. Well, hopefully you accept this invitation.


Artemis Zion

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