Market and Cost Framework

 Market and Cost Structure Essay


In a oligopoly market structure, there are some interdependent companies that alter their rates according to theirВ competitors. Ex lover: If Cocaina Cola alterations their price, Pepsi is additionally likely to. Attributes:

* Handful of interdependent firms

* A few barriers to entry

5. Products are very similar, but companies try to differentiate them * There is branding and marketing

* Imperfect knowledge (where customers how to start the best price or perhaps availability) Income Curves

Total Revenue

Total Revenue Competition

Average & Marginal Revenue

Average & Marginal Earnings

Total RevenueВ - Total Variety x Price.

Marginal Revenue – the earnings earned by selling one more units. Average Revenue - total revenue/quantity. Since each of the units are the same price, every single new unit would have a similar average income, so the limited revenue = total revenue. To be competitive or work together?

Since businesses are interdependent, they have picking out competing against other companies or collaborating with these people. ByВ competingВ they may increase their very own market share with the expense of their competitors, yet by working together, they lower uncertainty plus the firm's collectively act as a monopoly. Effort

2. When two or more oligopolies consent to fix prices or experience anti-competitive patterns, they form a collusive oligopoly. They will agreement could be formal or informal. 2. A formal arrangement is a cartelВ and is generally illegitimate. OPEC is a legal association but really signed between countries and not firms. * In an simple agreement, the firms become a monopoly and pick the output that maximizes output. The picture would be just like the monopoly profit maximize. 2. Collaborations will be unlikely to last since firms come with an incentive to cheat. They each would like the other members to restrict the outcome to what had been decided although would want to increase their own result. However , if they are a few significant firms with similar costs and increasing demand, the agreement probably will...

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