Summarize for Presentation on Love-making Education

 Outline for Speech on Sex Education Essay


Do you know the outcome of lack of sexual intercourse education, which could cause us the most severe consequence? " It's bringing the HIV in our body”, according to Former U. S. Basic Jocelyn Elders at a residential area Health Centers of Illinois. Today, I will talk about the consequence of lack of sex education, plus the advantage of having sex education. In respect the General Jocelyn Elders, deficiency of sex the actual children susceptible to sexual invasion and sexually transmitted attacks. It is also cost the U. S a heavy price for not educating each of our young people.

Thesis: Having less sex education bringing to the people, teenage years many bothersome. If we have this education on their behalf, we would avoid many poor consequences for them, the the people as well as for the each of our country. (TRANSITION: Now, we all will examine the reason why


I. There are many kinds of effects lack of sex education lead us, but HIV is one of the many serious one particular.

A. HIV/AIDS epidemic is still a serious health concern pertaining to young people, and unprotected sexual activity is responsible for a substantial majority of these infections in youth.

1 . A lot of groups of teenagers are at an increased risk for HIV infection, including young men with sex with men, androgino, victims of sexual abuse.

2 . Through December 2000, CDC statistics show 774, 467 reported AIDS cases; four, 061 instances were between teenagers 13 to nineteen years of age. One out of eight ladies of them, age groups 15 to 19, becomes pregnant annually.

II. Various facts show that people who have learned sexual education is conscious for avoid performing sex.

A. In line with the study printed in the Records of Pediatrics & Teenagers Medicine found that only 1 / 3 of sixth- and seventh-graders who finished abstinence-focused courses had love-making within the next 2 years, compared to nearly half of the learners who went to other classes, including ones that educated combined abstinence and contraception B. Following your sex education spread extensively in...

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