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Steve Jobs - The Silicon Valley Master

The case examines in detail the leadership and entrepreneurial expertise of Charlie Jobs, CEO of Aple (a leading Information Technology company) and Pixar (a leading US computer animation studio). Steve's role in shaping the computer industry through Apple's revolutionary products and some 'unconventional' organization practices continues to be explored in greater detail. В

The case also talks about the facets of Steve's individuality that were valued by many entrepreneurs and market leaders. The ups and downs in Steve's job graph and the way in which he overcame the obstacles will be discussed in greater detail. Steve's leaving from Apple and his comeback have been investigated in depth.

You might have had an individual punch you in the stomach and it knocks wind out of you and you are unable to breathe. The harder you try to inhale, the more you are unable to breathe. And also you know that the sole thing you can do is merely relax so you can start breathing again. " - Charlie Jobs, after he was ousted from Apple Computer, in 1985. " I am convinced that about half of what sets apart the powerful entrepreneurs in the non-successful ones is genuine perseverance. " - Dorrie Jobs, in 1995.

A Charismatic Leader

In Sept 1997, Steve Jobs (Steve) was designated the 'interim CEO' of leading information technology (IT) business, Apple Computers (Apple), by the Apple board. Considering the fact that the company's board itself had ousted Steve in a coup in 1983, this creation was watched with fascination by press and market observers. Steve's comeback was being seen as Apple's desperate try to survive one of its worst levels: losses intended for 1997 amounted to bucks 1 . 6 billion (refer Exhibit I actually for monetary statistics). The corporation reportedly required a charismatic leader who have could guide it back to profitability and revive it is fortunes. Those who had followed Steve's job graph over the decades weren't too surprised at these types of developments.

Known as the 'wonderkid' of...

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