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Great J. L. Sioson Basic Hospital and Colleges, Incorporation.

Do you know that what is known since J. S. SIOSON GENERAL HOSPITAL and COLLEGES, Incorporation. today a new humble starting? Moved by the noble wish to be of help for the sick individuals within the vicinity, a hubby and medical team, Dr . Juanito P. Sioson and Dr . Catalina Z. Sioson, established a medical medical clinic in 1969. With the owners' perseverance, persistance, hardwork and dedication, the sole proprietorship prospered and was transformed into the Bago Bantay Maternity and Hospital in 1971, which started to be Bago Bantay General Hospital in 1974. The owner's desire to be of service to the individuals did not end on featuring the near by residents with health care solutions but expanded to featuring them with a far more accessible and affordable overall health education. Consequently, the T. P. Sioson Colleges was handed birth with all the name a couple of ''J. S. Sioson of Midwifery Middle School of Midwifery'' in 1991. To meet the needs of it's growing population, the founders improved the school's facilities and initiated the development of a new building, which has been inaugurated in 1993. On, may 4, year 1994, the school's name was changed to T. P. Sioson Colleges, Inc. On May twenty, 1996, the faculty was formally incorporated with L. P. Sioson General Medical center and Colleges, Inc. On, may 22, 1997, the corporation was converted into a non-stock, non-profit corporation. To provide better options plus more choices for top quality academic foundation for the youth, the organization embarked in to an ambitious project, the offering of BS Education Courses for High School and Elementary Education. However , this kind of project was temporarily shelved with the disapproval of the CHED due to the lack pf a Laboratory University that would cater to the practicum requirements of the prospective pupils. This generated the beginning of the Senior high school Department. The school acquired its permit to operate the 1st and second-year levels of their secondary education on November 20, 1997....

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