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plagiarism 23.08.2019
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Full Management

Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam


Plagiarism is a very problem in the academic world. The term plagiarism, produced from the Latina word ‘plagiarius' meaning ‘kidnapper' or ‘plunderer', has been thought as the practice of using other's tips and texts and declaring them because one's own original authorship without acknowledging the source. The purpose of this customer survey is to measure (FBM) students' level of understanding towards stealing articles. The data will probably be kept secret. Please go back the finished questionnaire right to the Price tag Management college students involved.

Make sure you tick (в€љ) in the space provided to point your responses.

1 . Are you aware what stealing articles is?



Not sure

*If you answered zero to this query, please come back the customer survey.

2 . Sexuality



3. Age group

18 -- 20

21 - twenty three

24 -- 26


4. Stipulate what degree title/course b attending.

5. How do you prepare your writing assignments?

By copying texts from books/journals with out citing the original source. By copying from websites and pasting the information with no referencing. By simply paraphrasing of texts/ideas and claiming these people as your individual. Others (e. g.: with needs by lecturers /friends and etc. )

6. Just how easy do you consider internet-based stealing subjects is to discover? Almost impossible

Conceivable but difficult

Easily carried out

Don't know



several. Do you agree that learners who happen to be caught intended for

plagiarism always be penalized?

almost 8. Do you think it will be easy for students to prevent


on the lookout for. The temptations to plagiarize may be simpler for

learners with time managing issues.

12. UiTM should be clear about plagiarism and the

penalties to its students.

11. Organizing anti-plagiarism campaigns and

rendering it mandatory pertaining to lecturers to screen a

student's job will stop functions of plagiarizing

among college students





12. If you find a friend plagiarising an job, you...

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