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I seriously don't know why I'm thus sad. Now i'm tired of that, and so are you. But I have no idea how come I have got so depressed and I can't figure out precisely what is even producing me feel this way. I must not figure out myself very well. SALARINO

Most likely worried about the ships. Your brain is getting thrown around inside the ocean with them, but they're fine. They're like huge parade floats for the sea. They're so big they look down on the smaller delivers, which every have to ribbon and bow and then get out of the way. The ships fly like birds past those tiny little boats. SOLANIO

Yes, believe that me, easily had high-risk business ventures far away, I'd become sad also, worrying about it every second. I'd regularly be tossing blades of grass in to the air to discover which method the wind was blowing. I'd personally be peering over roadmaps to figure out the best ports, piers, and rivers. Everything that helped me worry about my own ships will make me unhappy. SALARINO

I'd get afraid every time I blew in the soup to cool this, thinking of how a strong wind could get rid of my delivers. Every time I'd look at the fine sand in an hourglass, I'd imagine my boats wrecked about sandbars. I'd personally think of risky rocks each and every time I attended church and saw the stones it had been made of. In the event my ship brushed facing rocks that way, its entire cargo of spices can be dumped in the sea. All its man made fibre shipments would be sent flying into the roaring waters. Within a second, I'd personally go broke. Who would not get unfortunate thinking about such things as that? Really obvious. Antonio is miserable because he is so concerned with his valuables.


Zero, trust me that isn't it. Luckily my financial circumstances is well. I terribly lack all of my own money committed to one deliver, or one part of the world. If I may do great this year, I'll still be fine. So it's not my business that's producing me unfortunate. SOLANIO

Well then, you must take love.


Oh, give me a break.


You're not in love both? Fine, discussing just state you're unfortunate because you're not in a very good mood. You know, it'd be just as possible for you to giggle and move around and say if you're in a good mood. You may just declare you're not unfortunate. Humans are extremely different. Some individuals will chuckle at nearly anything, and others are extremely grouchy and bitter, they won't even smile at something hysterically funny. BASSANIO,  LORENZO, and GRATIANO enter.

In this article comes the cousin, Bassanio. And Gratiano and Lorenzo too. Farewell then, we will leave you to talk to them. They're better business anyway. SALARINO

I would have stayed to cheer you up, if your nobler friends had not shown up. ANTONIO

If you're both very important to me, but I understand. You need to leave and complete your own business. SALARINO

(to BASSANIO,  LORENZO, and GRATIANO) Good morning, gentlemen. BASSANIO

(to SALARINO and SOLANIO) Hello, friends. When happen to be we gonna have fun jointly again? Just name the time. We never see you ever again. Does it have to get that way? SALARINO

Let us know when you want to get together, we're obtainable. SALARINO and SOLANIO exit.


Since you've found Antonio, we'll goodbye for now Bassanio. But have a look at, we're having dinner tonite. BASSANIO

Soon we will be there, don't worry.


You don't appear so great, Antonio. You're currently taking things too seriously. People with too much invested in the world always get injure. I'm suggesting, you don't appear like yourself. ANTONIO

For me the world is just the world, Gratiano, a stage in which every person contains a part to experience, mine just happenes as the sad one. GRATIANO

In that case I'll play the cheerful fool and get giggle lines in the face. I'd rather overload my liver with wine beverage than starve my heart by question myself entertaining. Why should any kind of living person sit continue to like a sculpture? Why should this individual sleep when he's conscious? Why should this individual get ulcers from staying crabby all the time? I love you, and I'm saying this kind of because I care, Antonio, there are men who often look significant. Their faces never maneuver or show any phrase, like flat ponds protected with scum. They're muted and stern,...

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