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What is approach A strategy is created from ideas, decisions, and actions that firms carry out to create and/or sustain competitive advantages and allow its success. Strategy directs firms towards their overall objectives with both immediate and long term perspectives. What strategic challenges does Robin Hood include Robin is concerned with his artists rapidly elevating growth, the decrease in earnings, rise in expense, and the express of his campaign. Robin must consider moving his operation, since Sherwood Forest may be too small. One other issue to deal with is what to perform about the growing forces of the Sheriff. Robin should also consider his thoughts and come to a decision. Should certainly he kill the sheriff Should he join forces with the baron to free Ruler Richard Will need to he enforce tax to enhance revenues Precisely what is the position of the organizational leader as strategist and articulator of worldwide goals An innovator must be aggressive, anticipate modify, and constantly improve the founded strategies. He must lead the analysis, decision-making, and implementation of actions to create eco friendly competitive advantages that lead to success. In Robin the boy wonder Hoods case, he may ought to change his organizational strategy. His strategy worked in that he was capable of recruit a lot of men from throughout England, however with the quick growth and unable to accommodate all of them in Sherwood Forest, Robin need to reevaluate his strategy of steal from the rich and offer to the poor. What are a few issues from this organizations exterior environment We have a lack of income coming into the corporation since the travelers that mix the forest have taken distinct routes. The lack of trained personnel is hard to find and unfounded. The military has increased in numbers, and it has a new large encampment that accommodement their cover and it is today a goal for harm. What is the partnership of the organizations internal framework to the environment You will find communication and training difficulty....

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