Satyam Scandal

Satyam Scandal 09.08.2019
 Satyam Scandal Essay


I. Assess the case and respond to the following questions:

(a) Discuss the earnings management approaches employed by the management of Satyam.

In this case of Satyam, I can consider that the obvious technique employed by the said management are:

1 . " Big Bet within the Future”.

When an buy occurs, the business acquiring the different is said to have made a huge bet around the future. Since refer to this situatio, Ramalingam Raju the Chairman of Satyam Computer Solutions Ltd. believes the purchase of Maytas Infra and Maytas Properties will benefit Satyam and boost its income in the future.

The first example is if he knows both Maytas businesses are highly development company in developmental facilities. So , after the acquisition, he may claim the income of the recently acquired firm providing a computerized earning increase.

As well as that, other justification brought up by Raju relating to this acquistion deal would be the acquisitions may de-risk Satyam's core IT business with the addition of a new business vertical in infrastructure. From this statement, we can see that Satyam is gradually planning to shift its business into facilities sector. By simply acquiring Maytas, he previously write-off the continuing R& D costs from Maytas. This means that if the costs are in reality incurred later on, they will not need to be reported and thus future earnings will receive a boost.

(b) In the opinion, how come do the managers of Satyam want to control their earnings and consequently be involved in fraudulent actions?

In today's materials world, corporations give another focus on that they could obtain high cash in on their business. This income will determine the number of making they make. Lenders and investors almost always go through the quality of this figure to assess the " health” of the company. As an example, an investor could attract to purchase a company which includes high water ratio because they have to be able to meet it is debt responsibility in time in comparison to a company with low liquidity ratio. As a result, it's important to get an organization to have these desirable factors in order for them to raise extra funds from your investors to perform their businesses.

Nevertheless , it is almost impossible for a firm to consistently report periodical earnings over the long time period due to changes of monetary cycles, seasonal changes, new legislation, and other extraordinary occasions. In order to " normalize” the continuous succession of runs in financial consequence, most organization managers is going to resort to a practice referred to as earning managing. " Income Management” takes place when managers use view in financial reporting and in building transactions to vary financial reviews to either mislead a few stakeholders about the root economic overall performance of a organization or effect contractual results that be based upon reported accounting numbers. In simple words, earning quantities are intentionally manipulated by management when it comes to meeting company's objectives whatsoever they might be.

Pressure from the managing.

(b) What were the outcomes that befell the company after the breakthrough of the deceitful activities?

2: Discuss in what instances is earnings supervision acceptable and what instances is it not really acceptable.

Just before defining what earnings administration is, it is important to understand this is of earnings first. Profits are the income of a organization. Investors and analysts look to earnings to determine the attractiveness of any particular share. Companies with poor earnings prospects will typically have decrease share prices than those with good prospective customers. It is very important for a company to generate large profit mainly because it will identify the share price later on. Earnings managing may be thought as reasonable and legal management decision making and reporting meant to achieve steady and foreseeable financial results. Earnings managing is the decision by a administrator of accounting...

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