Control and Tea leaf Characterization in the Eucalyptus Deglupta

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 Stem and Leaf Characterization of the Eucalyptus Deglupta Article


Austria, C., Batenga, W., Daysa, R., Dela Rosa, J., Rebong, C. 1 1

Division of Biology, College of Science, University of Philippines Baguio Baguio City, Thailand


coupe that reaches up to 240cm (Figure 1a). It

has a multi coloured bark that varies from green,

yellow, blue, purplish, red and lemon. It has

a green under bark and prior to exfoliation

occurs, the bark changes to brownish maroon

(Figure 1b). The colours are diverse and

regularly changing as exfoliation takes place in

diverse zones of the trunk and stages, that may be

why the tree will never have the same color

pattern twice. The mature leaves are simple,

petiolated, whole, ovate to acuminate fit and healthy.

(Figure 1c).

Eucalyptus deglupta is inimitable among the

eucalypts known, hailing from the Thailand

particularly in the Mindanao location which is

why it is frequently referred to as the Mindanao

chewing gum tree and locally called Bagras. Also, it is

known as Range Eucalyptus because of the

presence with the striking lashes of radiant colors

manufactured by the tree's bark. Eucalyptus

deglupta will be a major evergreen woods that extends to

a height up to 75m and usually includes a cylindrical




Figure 1 Eucalyptus deglupta tree. (a) Cylindrical coupe. (b) Start barking. (c) Leaf.


Eucalyptus deglupta can be under the

Kingdom Plantae of Class Magnoliopsida. It can be in

the order of Myrtales consisting of the

myrtles, leadwoods, pomegranates and many

other folks and labeled in the Family of

Myrtaceae. The genus Eucalyptus was known as

by the France botanist l'HГ©ritier in 1788.

Eucalyptus deglupta is local in

Indonesia, Papua Fresh Guinea, and Philippines.

It is a newcomer as being a plantation kinds and

was initially introduced in Baguio in 1918. That occurs

in areas with a very high gross annual rainfall and

adapted to lowlands and lower montane


Eucalyptus deglupta is utilized as fire wood

and charcoal to some limited extent. In a few

plantations, it is intended for pulp production.

The wood is additionally used for construction lumber,

furniture, floorings, and plywood. Eucalyptus

deglupta can often be used as an elaborate tree

because of attractive sound off.

The study is targeted on the anatomical

structures of leaves and stem of Eucalyptus

deglupta. The tree's bark show exceptional

hues and has smooth and thin sound off making it

exceptional from the other trees. The rationale for

getting a Mindanao gum tree since the study can be

because of its inexplicable appearance. The

anatomical framework present in Eucalyptus

deglupta can potentially be ascribed for its one of a kind



Collection, Softening and Sectioning

Fresh comes and leaves of Eucalyptus deglupta

had been collected in Baguio Town. The accumulated

stems had been sawed in to pieces and boiled inside the

pressure cooker for several several hours (Figure 2a &

b). Afterward, the boiled stems were sodden in

the 1: 10 blend of glycerine and water pertaining to



Figure 2 Continued

a number of days to soften it (Figure 2c). Thence, the

softened arises were slice into more compact pieces to

further hasten the pliability of the materials and

simple sectioning then it was put in the

glycerine mixture. Subsequent, free-hand sectioning of

the fabric was carried out. It was transversely,

longitudinally and tangentially sectioned into

slim slices using a razor cutting tool.

For the leaf, the casting (scotch-tape)

method was done to uncover the cell surface or perhaps


mins. Afterward, two drops of 95% intoxicating

fast green were put into the go containing

the sections for approximately 60 seconds it was

rinsed using 95% alcohol. The sections had been

then transferred in a 50-50 mixture of absolute



Figure a couple of Stem Treatment Procedure. (a)

Pressure pot. (b) Solid wood samples inside

the pressure cooker. (c) Ampoule that contains

the hard boiled stems drenched in a one particular: 10 solution of

glycerine and drinking water.



the epidermis of the leaf and transverse...

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