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19th Aug 23, 2013

Dear Mrs Chua,

I felt appreciated to write to you to express my own concern and dismay after reading the autobiography " Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. You may have obviously very secure views on the strict parental input of children.

I was amazed when I decoded the title of your autobiography, " Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. I found that the title is definitely loaded with negative connotations. Turmoil is handled in " war” conditions, by using the term ‘battle'. It indicates that you believe raising a kid is stress filled, wounding and even fatal. Nevertheless , parenting is among the most fantastic experiences in every area of your life. By using the word ‘hymn' in your title, most likely hinting that you are above mortals, as church hymns are sung to deity. Your additional use of ‘tiger' to describe yourself, adds that you just view your self as self-confident, strong and a highly regarded person. A lot of will fear you. I disagree with this since as a mother, you shouldn't be put into a pecking order but rather you need to be an open good friend for your kids to go to.

I personally find your approach towards child-rearing overly fervent and I was horrified once i read what unrealistic anticipations you have for your children. I noticed this as you stated that your children had been " by no means allowed to receive any level less than an A grade” which " a great A-minus is actually a bad grade”. In my opinion, a child will have all their strengths and weaknesses in subjects, especially whilst growing up. Some people aren't academically inclined and therefore are much more focused towards the arts or sports activities. Pushing a young child inappropriately to get academically successful is known to cause serious emotional damage. I believe no one must be punished once giving their utmost but having grades listed below A. Mrs Chua, I actually urge you to be more considerate. Is it simply your very own dream to your children to have success?

I actually find it amazing that you don't grant your children to show their creative imagination and freedom, especially at such a...

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