Tragedy Essay

Tragedy Essay 07.08.2019
 Tragedy Essay

Death or Personal Failings

Jessica Santiago

Professor Gerristead

October 15, 2012


When contemporary society thinks of tragedy we believe of a bad or horrible accident occurring to a person or to someone, most of the occasions resulting in hospitalization or worse, death. Another example of this type of tragedy may well be a loved one whom goes away on a break and legal agreements a rare and unusual disease which could probably result in death. Not all types of tragedies always result in a certain fatality. Tragedy within a classical Traditional sense sets up a protagonist to begin the action inside the tragedy. What lead to the tragedies is definitely the protagonist's qualities. These features are the natural way supposed to be confident and respectable but in the end, these attributes are what caused the downfall in the protagonist.

Everyone loves vacations since they get yourself a break by reality and get to loosen up for once. Rebounding home via vacation is probably the worst part of the experience, especially if you came back not knowing you contracted an infection out of your vacationing destination. Not only perhaps you have contracted this kind of horrible infection, you find out it is an sentenciado disease. " The disease, that causes severe bumps and uncontrolled bleeding, is usually untreatable and is also fatal in a third of cases” (Cameron, 1). Not only does the United Kingdom need to worry about anybody who has the illness, they need to ensure no one more has caught it and that it does not pass on. This occurrence is building the first type of disaster because this can be an sentenciado disease coming from another region that has and it is claiming other's lives uncontrollably. " A person has perished after getting the first-person in Britain to contract a frightening infection which includes claimed many lives in the developing world” (Cameron, 1). There are records that display that many lives had been extracted from this disease in the developing country. This info leaves The uk...

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