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This essay will show the comparison and contrasts of Juror several and Juror 8. The first comparison of the jurors is, Juror 3 is incredibly opinionative, and Juror 8 is informative. Another comparability is juror 3 includes a lot of anger which makes him aggressive, and juror almost eight is peaceful so he's passive. The last comparison that will be discussed is that juror a few is a ansto? and yells on top of his lungs to get his way, and juror almost eight is a normal leader who persuades the jury along with his facts. This movie was based on 12 men who have just done listening to 6th days of a trial. A young 19 yr old boy is usually on trial for the murder of his father. He has a past criminal history and for this kind of very trial he provides a lot of data against him. If he is found guilty, he will receive a death fees. So , it is up to the doze men who have are on the jury to decide if the accused it responsible or simple. The initially comparison is the fact Juror eight is factual and willing to keep going through the evidence presented. Inside the movie Juror 8 was your only one who also voted " not guilty”. He was the only Juror who wanted to take the time to talk about evidence and the tiny details. For example he said " Based on the testimony, the boy appears guilty... probably he is. We sat generally there in the courtroom for half a dozen days hearing while the evidence built up. Every person sounded therefore positive, you know, I began to get a distinct feeling about this kind of trial. I mean nothing is that positive? There actually a lot of questions I'd have liked to ask. I actually don't know, probably they wouldn't have meant anything, but... I began to get the feeling that the publicist wasn't executing a thorough enough cross-examination. ” Juror several seemed extremely opinionative through the movie. If they took the first election he was a single out of eleven who identified " guilty”. There is no doubt in the mind that the defendant is guilty. He was very antagonistic throughout the trial and looked like very comfortable in his have your vote. For example this individual said " What's the situation with you guys? You all know...

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