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Use Case Template 04.09.2019
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Use circumstance name: Perspective courses proposed by the office

Primary actor(s): Academic Staff

Brief information: The staff can view the training offered by the department upon logging in the system. Preconditions (what must be true before the use circumstance can start): The staff need to first sign in to the University's online registration system; the system then authenticates the staff's information before granting get.

Postconditions (what must be accurate when the employ case ends): All courses offered by the department has to be displayed. Usual Flow of Events1. The staff logs in to the University's enrollment system utilizing a username and password installment payments on your The system authenticates the staff's log in data

3. At the main menu, the various departments are shown

4. Employees selects their department, and a list of almost all courses are available the section is exhibited

Alternative goes (show every separately and tie to normalcy Flow of Events)

Exceptional Flows: If perhaps staff makes its way into an incorrect sign in information, the system will fast for the right information. Following the third trial, the system is going to lock the user out and inform the user to contact the administrator.

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Make use of case term: Add or remove classes offered by the department pertaining to the semester Primary actor(s): Academic Personnel

Brief description: At the add/remove courses display screen, the staff is able to add or perhaps courses provided for the semester or perhaps remove the kinds not provided for the same term. Preconditions (what must be true before the use case can start): The courses to become added or deleted must be available for employees to carry on. In other words, in case the staff wants to remove a course through the list, the course need to already be inside the system in this task being performed. Postconditions (what must be true if the use circumstance ends): The course(s) to become added has to be updated on the system, also the one(s) to be eliminated. Normal Circulation of Events1. After signing into the program with the main menu viewed, the staff selects the applicable department installment payments on your The system shows a list of courses offered by the department a few. To remove a course, the staff selects the applicable course(s) to be removed from the Add/Remove Course windowpane 4. Clicks the Remove Course press button

a few. The system changes the repository upon taking away the program

6. To incorporate a training course, the staff picks a program from a listing of available classes in the Add/Remove Course window 7. Clicks on the Put Course key

8. The machine removes the course from your list and updates the database

Substitute flows (show each independently and tie to Normal Stream of Events)If a new training course is to be presented in the department and would have to be added to the system, the staff will certainly click on the Tasks Course press button, which will start up an Add New Course windowpane. Here, the staff enters the course data in the important toolboxes supplied, and the program updates the list of courses offered by the department.

Exceptional Flows: If the staff advices an incorrect program while looking to add, the system should display an error communication. For example , " Course not really found, Do you wish to add training course?

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Use circumstance name: Changing course info

Primary actor(s): Academic Personnel

Brief description: The staff should be able to modify information about the courses offered using the Training course Change screen.

Preconditions (what must be the case before the employ case can start): Postconditions (what should be true when the use circumstance ends): Customization of the course(s) should think about the system when ever viewed by staff.

Normal Flow of Events1. To perform this, it is assumed the fact that staff is already logged into the system. 2 . At the primary menu, employees selects the specific department 3. The system shows list of readily available courses in the Courses window 4. The selects the course to be modified from your list

5. The system shows the program to be customized...

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