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Progress on and

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Progress on and

D tattooing Water



Improvement ON Water to drink AND STERILIZATION > 2012 UPDATE


Since the re-homing of the Millennium Development Goals, the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation provides reported in progress to achieving Focus on 7c: reducing by fifty percent the proportion of people devoid of sustainable use of safe drinking water and basic sterilization. This record contains the pleasant announcement that, as of 2010, the target intended for drinking water have been met. As 1990, much more than 2 billion dollars people have attained access to better drinking water options. This success is a display of the determination of Government leaders, public and sector organizations, communities and individuals who saw the target quite a bit less a dream, but since a vital stage towards improving health and well-being. Of course , very much work continues to be to be carried out. There are still 780 million people without entry to an improved moving water source. And even though 1 . eight billion people have gained usage of improved sterilization since 1990, the world remains to be off track for the sanitation...

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